Strategy Deck

All communication strategy tools in one app, in one deck of tip cards. 70+ marketing tools for everyday use, based on brand and agencies experience around the globe.

Download iOS app — $3.99

Download iOS app — $3.99

Email for carton — $39

What's inside

Thorough explanation of every tool with examples

Strategy is...
Planning Process
Cascade Goals
Profit Sources
Neet To Purchase
Brand Dynamics
Purchase Funnel
Equity Sandglass
Consumer Pyramid
Benefit Ladder
Censydiam Model

Brand Archetypes
Get To By
5W Framework
Brand Platforms
Belief Map
Target Groups
Maslow's Pyramid
ERG Theory
Insight Process
Feedback Form

And more...


With 50K downloads around the globe, Strategy Deck is a daily tool used by leading strategists and strategic directors everywhere in the world: from New York to New Delhi.

Lovely stuff — great collection and design.

Faris Yakob, founder at GeniusSteals

Ok, alleen vandaag dan. Omdat we in een sharing economie leven volgens sommigen. Uber gave strategie app

Ronald Voorn, Marketing Development at Science Rockstar

Gets you thinking in the right strategic direction. Weirdly one of the only apps I’ve ever paid for. Great reference tool that gets you oriented.

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Following my natural interest in business and marketing, I'm studying and researching a lot of connected topics: business strategy, entrepreneurship, startups, innovations and trends, integrated marketing, digital products, etc. With each subject, I'm breaking it apart in a small blocks, rethinking it and reassembling in a decks of tip cards. Download it or order the carton version, what you would like more. Whatever you are doing, it will always come handy and spark new ideas.

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